Upcoming Resources and Events for 2021!

Hello Godly Players!

As we enter 2021, we want to bring you up to date on some new resources being developed and trainings coming up.

1.      Lent at Home Kits

 It looks like we will all be keeping Lent at home again this year, so Godly Play Resources has been working with Dr. Cheryl Minor, the Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood for the Godly Play Foundation, to create a new resource called, “Lent at Home.” Each kit will include materials to use from Shrove Tuesday through Easter Sunday – at-home versions of our beloved Godly Play materials. We are especially excited to include the new artwork we recently had done for the series of lessons called “The Faces of Easter” Dr. Minor has developed a booklet to go along with these kits. The booklet will be a free download and can be adapted to include anything special you have planned in your congregation, e.g. Zoom Godly Play sessions. The kits will cost $25.95 each. Quantity discounts and Pre-order available . They will ship the first week in February so you have them in time for Lent.  A PDF of the booklet can be found here.

Lent at Home (Final) 1-06-21 (word)

Lent at Home (Final) 1-06-21

2.      New art available now for Faces of Easter

 This past summer the Godly Play Foundation commissioned Ann Fowler, an artist in Atlanta, to create new images for the Godly Play series of lessons for Lent called “The Faces of Easter.” These images are now available to pre-order and will ship in time for Lent. You can order a full set (images mounted on wood, tray, and underlay), or just the replacement images, mounted on wood, to go in your already existing tray. 

Fowler’s images feature African Americans, children, and youth known to her from her work at the Emmaus House, an educational program for children living in low-income neighborhoods in Atlanta.  

3.  Training Opportunities

The Godly Play Foundation College of Training is planning to offer a myriad of online training opportunities in 2021. January offerings are already up on the website and February events such as panel discussion on VBS will be coming online very soon.