Center for the Theology of Childhood Fellows

The Center for the Theology of Childhood accepts applications to become a Fellow of the Center. Fellows travel to Denver to study at the Center’s library for five days (or longer). Fellows must identify an academic project they hope to move forward by spending time at the Center. The Center may assist with publishing of the final project. The Senior Fellow of the Center The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman, or the Director of the Center The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, Ph.D. will be available to help orient the Fellow to the library and consult on the project. The cost for becoming a Fellow is $500.00 per week.

Previous Fellows

Professor Brendan Hyde
2009 (1-15-09 to 1-15-10)
Catholic University, Australia

Project: The Search for Catholic University,Theology of Childhood: Essays by Jerome W. Berryman from 1978-2009 (Ballarat, Australia: Modotti Press, 2013)

Professor Robert Hurley
2010 (6-28-10 to 7-310)
University of Laval, Quebec City, Canada

Project: Preparation of lectures concerning books written for children about children’s spirituality.

The Rev. Dr. John Pridmore
2010 (9-5-10 to 9-13-10)
Retired Anglican, UK

Project: Playing with Icons: The Spirituality of Recalled Childhoods (2015). Available here

Professor Rune Oystese
Associate Prof. at NLA University College (NLA Hogskolen), Bergen, Norway

Project: A strategic approach to integrating Godly Play with Lutheran Church of Norway catechesis.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew Sheldon
2012 (week of 14 May)
Rector All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church, Toronto, ON, Canada

Project: Study traditional and emerging view of children’s spirituality and the theology of childhood as a means to enhance the church’s ministry with children. Preparation for a lecture.

The Rev. Chris Ditzenberger
2012 (June, July, August)
Rector, St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, Denver, CO

Project: Reading and tutorial concerning pastoral care during summer of sabbatical.