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“Being blessed by mutual blessing can release the original grace we were born with. That is the only risk involved. Who knows what will happen if gracefulness overwhelms the church?”

Jerome W. Berryman – The Spiritual Guidance of Children

Dear Ones,

The fact that you found your way to this page on our website says everything. You are part of the graceful community we call Godly Play. We have been knit together through the sacred stories, parables, liturgical action, and silence as experienced in the circle of children. Godly Play has become a movement that is embraced around the world.  In the eyes of God, we are all beloved children called to be signs of blessing. This is our work and call.

The Godly Play Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational corporation. We are blessed to work with communities of faith from every corner of the world and every expression of the Christian church. So provocative is our approach that we have even found common ground in Jewish and Islamic communities.

Godly Play is a spiritual practice to be lived. It calls for a level of commitment that is rare in a world of instant gratification and quick fixes.

As stewards of this precious gift of Godly Play, the Godly Play Foundation asks for your support so we may continue to live with a vision of mutual blessing.

The Very Rev. Rebecca L. McClain

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