The Godly Play® Foundation

The Godly Play Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational corporation incorporated in the State of Texas in the United States of America.

The Godly Play Foundation was created for the purpose of promoting and guiding Godly Play practice through research, training, and resources. These activities are carried out by the Foundation’s divisions, subsidiaries, and strategic alliances including:

  • The Center for the Theology of Childhood
  • Godly Play College of Training
  • Godly Play Resources
  • The Godly Play International Council, which brings together our global Godly Play associations
  • Our publishers, Church Publishing, Inc

Our Vision Statement
The Foundation’s vision is to provide opportunity for all to explore the mystery of God’s presence in our lives, to hear God’s invitation for spiritual experience, to listen to what God is saying, and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives. We believe that the Godly Play curriculum practices provide that opportunity.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote and guide the use of the Godly Play method to nourish spiritual and moral development in both children and adults. This is accomplished through training, education, research, and writing. We work with children and adults in churches, schools, hospitals, families, and in varied faith communities. The result of our approach to spiritual formation is playful orthodoxy. The tradition of orthodoxy, when combined with the creativity of play, makes room for God to become manifest in our human community. What will the future of humankind be like? The quality of children’s spirituality and its formation is key to adult health and ethical living. The goal is for children to enter adolescence with an inner-working model of the Christian language system that will continue to be of use as a means of maturing spiritually all one’s life. The Godly Play method originated and remains principally focused on children, however, our mission includes growing its use among adults. Faith practice is a life long journey. Through wondering about God’s stories, we are all nourished.

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