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Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Materials

The best approach for having a safe Godly Play room is to have the children and adults wash their hands prior to crossing the threshold into the room, having hand sanitizer available to be used if needed during the session and asking them to wash their hands again after they leave the room. Wood has a natural antibacterial quality so most of our materials will not be as affected by germs as plastic toys. 

Wooden materials can be disinfected by using white vinegar or a mild soap diluted with water, then air dry or well wipe with a cloth. Never soak or immerse wooden materials in water.
Printed materials, such as the pictures laminated on wooden boards for Faces of Easter as example, should not be washed. 

Objects, such as the molded caves, in our extension stories should be washed according to the material they are made of. For the most part, this would be a wipe down with diluted white vinegar or a mild soap, then air dry or wipe well with a cloth. 

Viruses, including COVID-19, cannot live outside the body for prolonged periods of time, so base your need to sanitize materials on usage and exposure threats. A lesson’s material that has not been worked with by a child or adult in a few days is not likely to present a risk of transmission.

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