Core Training At-Home Assignment

To make your in-person training experience as rich as possible, please read the book Teaching Godly Play by Jerome W. Berryman and complete the below pre-training exercise. Completion of this assignment is required for Core Training certification.

This assignment is part of Core Training and must be submitted by noon the day before your training begins for Core Training certification.

Importantly, this exercise will familiarize you with the primary resource book you will need beyond training. Plus, reading Teaching Godly Play prior to training will help to create a common language so that we can make the best use of our time together!

You will need Teaching Godly Play by Jerome W. Berryman (Denver: Morehouse Education Resources, 2009) to answer the following questions.

Core Training At-Home Assignment

  • SECTION ONE - Short Answer

  • SECTION TWO - Reflection on Method

  • SECTION THREE - Personal Examen