U.S. Training Options

Taster Demonstrations

708A Taster can be an evening or half-day introduction for a parish considering Godly Play as their Christian Formation program.

It generally includes a demonstration of one or more stories, and some introductory material about the program. Trainers design the day in consultation with the hosts to be sure it meets the specific needs of their setting.

One-Day Introduction Workshop

Participants experience a full Godly Play session and learn about the key elements of the Godly Play method. Trainers design the day in consultation with the hosts to be sure it meets the specific needs of their setting.

Core Godly Play Training

IMG_8519 - GP Australia Launch - credit Luke RobertsThe most comprehensive training on Godly Play practices and theology, Core Training is the recommended training for every adult leading Godly Play sessions (years 1 – 3 of practice), for administrators, and for clergy. Over the course of three days (minimum 18 contact hours), participants experience all aspects of the Godly Play method and begin to become fluent in the Godly Play core stories and fundamental practices. Additionally, Godly Play’s guiding Theology of Childhood is introduced, so participants become more deeply connected to their work.

Core training follows an action/reflection model of learning with a mixture of trainer-led presentations and participant storytelling presentations. Core training plenary presentations cover: the Spirituality of the Child, Setting up a Godly Play Environment and Supporting the Circle of Children.

744Retreat-style Core Training Our traditional model for this content, the retreat-style Core Godly Play Training convenes over three consecutive days, typically a Thursday or Friday evening and the next two full days. The circle becomes very strong and trustworthy when this work is done in the closed environment of a several-day retreat, and participants enjoy spiritual renewal and lasting friendships.

Commuter Core Training The Commuter Core model covers the same content as the Retreat-style Core Training over three separate Saturday modules. Modules may be attended in any order, over time and location. Participants may build credit toward Core Training certification, which is awarded after completion of all three modules. This model underscores the action/reflection aspect of Godly Play training by allowing participants new experiences between training dates, which they then bring with them to the next Commuter Core module.

Advanced Godly Play Training

559This three-day training (minimum 18 contact hours) is designed for experienced Godly Play practitioners. Prerequisites include Core Godly Play Training certification and three years of experience leading Godly Play sessions. Advanced Godly Play Training is designed to help participants go deeper with the Godly Play core stories and lessons and to learn how and when to introduce enrichment and extension materials. Trainer-led presentations in the Advanced Training cover: a deeper understanding of the Spirituality of the Child, the Spiral Curriculum, and the Nurture of Children’s Spirituality.

Advanced training is designed to be taken multiple times. Much of the training is focused on case studies presented by the participants, which means each Advanced Training will vary with the participants attending it.

Godly Play in a Clinical Setting

This two-day training event is specifically designed for practitioners who work or minister in clinical settings. Participants will work with trainers experienced in adapting Godly Play in settings that are very different from the traditional Godly Play rooms in churches and schools.

Enrichment Trainings707

Enrichment Trainings are one-day events providing participants a full day of experience with the stories found in Volume 6, 7, or 8 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play.

Enrichment trainings support Core and Advanced training progression by providing a deeper experience of broader material.

Going Deeper Workshops

Going Deeper Workshops are one-day workshops designed for those who have attended a Core Godly Play Training and want to go deeper with one or more facets of the Godly Play method. They cover areas such as: the Godly Play Environment, Supporting the Circle of Children, Godly Play with Older Children, and more. If there is an interest in a particular aspect of Godly Play practice, your Trainer can tailor the workshop to best meet your needs.

Virtual Workshop or Taster Demonstration

Trainers may offer demonstrations of stories, introductory material, enrichment material, refresher workshops, or going deeper workshops virtually. Trainers design the virtual experience in consultation with the hosts to be sure it meets the specific needs of their setting. Please note that Core Training, Advanced Training, and Godly Play in a Clinical Setting are not offered virtually. A virtual workshop will cost $450.

Network Gatherings and Communities of Practice

A number of regions in the US are developing Godly Play networks or Communities of Practice designed to provide community and support for those practicing the Godly Play method. Networks also work together to coordinate training in their region.