Official Statement from the Godly Play Foundation’s Board of Directors


In response to the many inquiries we have received given the widespread closures and cancellations resulting from COVID-19, The Godly Play Foundation and its publisher, Church Publishing Incorporated, have agreed that churches may minister to their children and families remotely by creating and sharing videos of Godly Play Storytellers telling stories using Godly Play’s materials.  We encourage this activity as a way to let children see a familiar face, allowing them to engage more deeply.  Godly Play and Church Publishing Incorporated reserve all rights in the intellectual property contained in the Godly Play materials. 

We ask that anyone creating or sharing a video abide by the following:

 1.       At the beginning of the video recording, please state the name of the story and the publisher in the video and note that the material is under copyright and owned by Godly Play.

 2.       Limit the audience in some way.  For example, if you use YouTube, please follow these instructions to designate your video as “Unlisted” and only share the link with a limited audience.  If you use Facebook Live, please only share within a private group or church page.

 3.       Please remove each video after a three-week period.

With hope and expectation,

The Godly Play Foundation Board of Directors

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