Why Give?

Dear Friends of Godly Play,

We at Godly Play are in the midst of a Season of Wonder…a deep dive into the creative process, exploring ways to support those inside and outside our community in the transformation to make sense out of the chaos. You, our donors, trainers, missioners, practitioners and adult mentors, are finding beautiful and unique ways to invite more children to explore their spiritual lives and existential questions through story, wonder, and play.

The Godly Play Foundation is finding ways to support that BIG WORK.

• In the last six months, our College of Training facilitated more than 20 virtual workshops to support over 1000 Godly Players around the world with plans to double the virtual training options in 2021. 

• Volume 6 Revisions are ready for printing and include 2 new stories, Esther and The Psalms as well as Parent Pages!

• Godly Play Resources continues to produce new materials to support Godly Play in homes and small spaces such as the DIY People of God and The Holy Family Set.

• Our Center for the Theology of Childhood is developing a set of new stories, People of Color Who Inspire, which will be available as a free download for a limited time. Look for the first two: Martin Luther King Jr. and Bishop Barbara Harris coming soon! 

• The Foundation launched an anti-racism task force to identify how we can do the necessary work of dismantling systemic racism in our organization and communities.

Join us in this Season of Wonder; share Godly Play with family and friends and explore opportunities in Advent to wonder together.

We invite you to partner with us and support the work of Godly Play. Your financial gifts will allow us to expand our reach so more children and adults can access Godly Play spaces and find grounding in a deep sense of hope and faith in the midst of chaos.