The Reform Jewish Quarterly Article by Jerome Berryman

starofdavidIn January, The Central Conference of American Rabbis’ journal The Reform Jewish Quarterly published “The Middle Realm, the Creative Process, and the Creator in Religious Education” by Godly Play Founder Jerome W. Berryman. This Winter 2014 issue is entitled “Sacred Teaching and Spiritual Learning” and was edited by Rabbi Sandy Eiesenberg Sasso and Rabbi Dr. Michael J. Shire, whom many of you met last summer at the 2013 North American Godly Play Conference in Toronto.

In their introduction, Rabbis Sasso and Shire write: “We have been blessed by the wonderful and creative contributions of our fellow educators and clergy, including the Rev. Jerome Berryman, whose pioneering work in spirituality and children and the theology of childhood has influenced our thinking about Jewish spiritual pedagogy.”

Rabbi Shire is the Dean of the Shoolman Graduate School in Newton Centre, MA and has been working with The Rev. Dr. Berryman to develop a Torah Godly Play to facilitate Jewish spiritual learning.