Stories of God at Home is HERE!!

Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach is both a way to celebrate your family and to prepare for unknown family challenges in the future. It shows you how to do this in a deeply playful way by building up layers of family stories woven together with stories of God to fill a reservoir of meaning to draw from when needed.

The pressures of the world make it harder and harder to set aside time–at least regularly–for spiritual nurture. But, many families, including parents and grandparents, are looking for ways to nurture their child’s spiritual life. Into this yearning drops this new resource: Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach.

The six stories Dr. Berryman recommends using at home with the family are:

  • Creation
  • The Advent Lesson (a preparation for and celebration of Christmas)
  • The Faces of Easter (the Lenten series that prepares us to celebrate Easter)
  • Knowing Jesus in a New Way (a preparation for Pentecost)
  • The Parable of the Good Shepherd
  • The Circle of the Church Year

Dr. Berryman has written new scripts to use with each of the story materials, which are available from Godly Play Resources in a perfect mini-size for home use. The stories draw on the originals used in Godly Play rooms, but are adapted specifically for the home in a way that weaves the story together with your family narrative.

The Center for the Theology of Childhood of the Godly Play Foundation is developing a number of resources for families interested in making this a part of their lives, including a website dedicated to the practice of using these stories at home. Follow this link to visit the website to read more!

Be sure to order your copy of the new book–and stay tuned for the exciting new offerings in this line!!