2018 Matching Gift Campaign

It’s on! We’ve raised $7500 in commitments to fund our year-end Matching Gift Campaign. Now we need the circle’s support to raise another $7500 to secure the matching gift!

Please help us obtain this matching gift!!

We have until December 31st, and every donation helps us to reach our goal! Together we met last year’s matching gift goal–let’s do it again!!

Please join us in building the Kingdom of God through the Godly Play method.

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UPDATE!!!! We have now been offered an additional $2500 in matching gifts, which raises our total goal to $10,000. By the grace of God, we have almost met this challenge!! Please contribute to what will surely be a wonderful “win” on New Year’s Eve—please join us and become part of this story!

What does your gift do?

The short answer is that your gift to the Godly Play Foundation goes directly to the work of bringing quality Godly Play to children of all ages throughout the world—directly to our vision of enlarging our circle to include every child of God.

How do we spread quality Godly Play across the globe?

We do it together!

Some of the proposals for the next couple of years include:

Collectively throughout the world, we have been working toward these goals and have many accomplishments. Yet, these new initiatives need funding to make them a reality.

Please join us in building the Kingdom of God through Godly Play.

Please Donate Now to the 2018 Matching Gift Campaign